Gutenberg Boilerplate

⚑️ WordPress Gutenberg Boilerplate! β€” Easy to understand and heavily documented! 🎩

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Gutenberg Boilerplate
An easy to understand and heavily documented️ WordPress Gutenberg Boilerplate!
A FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) project. Maintained by @AhmadAwais.

Gutenberg-Boilerplate GitHub release

gutenberg-boilerpalte Build your first Gutenberg Editor block! A boilerplate to build WP Gutenberg blocks and stuff! ✊

⚑️ Getting Started

Install the Gutenberg WordPress plugin and then download and install Gutenberg Boilerplate Zip. Now read the source code! πŸ’―

⚑️ What Can You Learn?

This is a todo list for this boilerplate which also states the progress of what you can learn from it.

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Block #1


Block #2


Block #3


Block #4


⚑️ License & Attribution

Code is licensed under GPL v3.0. The content and documentation is copyrighted to the WordPress Gutenberg team and WGA - (especially the content in the blog post). I am still making up my mind with how Gutenberg will fit in the WordPress core. There are so many things which are both good and bad about it. So, instead of ranting about it, I wanted to do something more productive. I went ahead, studied the source code and received a lot of help from Gutenberg project and its contributors (Matias Ventura, James Nylen, Riad Benguella, Andrew Duthie, Joen, etc.) to finally build this. I started with three different repos which now co-exist as the official Gutenberg examples and added more examples and documentation, using the Gutenberg code as a reference. Thanks to the Gutenberg team for a lot of help along the way.

I also wrote about it Gutenberg Boilerplate For Third-Party Custom Blocks.

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This open source project is maintained by the help of awesome businesses listed below. What? Read more about it β†’

It’s free and open source. Issues/PR’s are welcomed on GitHub.

πŸš€ GITHUB: β˜… 282 β‘‚ 30 β†’

I also wrote an introductory article β†’Β Introducing Gutenberg Boilerplate For Third Party Custom Blocks!

Let me know what you think about this πŸ™‚

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