Boilerplalte: Twig with Timber For WordPress

This boilerplate is a basic implementation and integration for Twig with WordPress.

Twig Templating Tutorial

Install the Timber library to use this theme.

Tutorial Branches

  • Tutorial #2 Getting Started here
  • Tutorial #3 WordPress Cheatsheet here
  • Tutorial #4 TimberImages, TimberMenu & TimberUser here

WordPress Developers, Checkout “Twig” & “Timber”!

Twig templating engine can be used for WordPress development with the plugin called Timber. You can write simple, neat and clean code which is modular and easier to maintain. How? Simple! Keep the view part of your code separate from its data or logic.

If you are interested in learning how you can use Timber with WordPress and want a kick-start instead of going through the documentation and testing, I have written a four part series about this topic at Tuts+.

In this series; Kick-Start WordPress Development With Twig, I discussed Twig’s implementation and integration with WordPress.

In the end, I would like to thank UpStatment — Timber and Jared Nova (Maker of TimberWP).


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