Boilerplate: WP Welcome Page Boilerplate

WP Welcome Page Boilerplate provides a better user onboarding experience when by displaying a welcome page after a WordPress plugin is installed.

There are two variants, both are yet to be released. You can check out the main GitHub repository here as well as a fork for Tuts+ tutorials which I wrote.

WP Welcome Page Boilerplate

WordPress plugin to add a welcome page on plugin activation!

What's Included:

  • Adds a transient on plugin activation
  • Deletes a transient on plugin deactivation
  • Safe redirect to the welcome page for one time
  • Welcome page of-course


Changelog can be read at

Version 1.0.1 // 2016-07-18


  • CSS is added via styles.css file.
  • Include CSS on the Welcome page only.
  • Checks for if the functions already exist.

Version 1.0.0

  • First Version


Released under GPLv2.0 or later.


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Ahmad Awais

I am a Full Stack WordPress Developer, WP Core Contributor, Front-end Fanatic , a Designer by night, and an accidental writer. I love to create optimized but advanced workflows to produce professionally built Open Source software.

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