PTCL CLI — Intuitive Command Line Interface for PTCL Routers

PTCL-CLI (ptcli): An intuitive PTCL-CLI to control PTCL routers via command line. Reboot, check system info, line parameters, or calculate SNR signal to noise ratio — all that via command line.

October 1, 2016


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Read my blog post about PTCL CLI.

ptcli is a bash CLI for PTCL routers. An intuitive PTCL-CLI to control PTCL routers via command line.


You can use ptcli to perform following actions via command line

  • Reboot the router
  • Check Router's system info
  • Check Router's uptime
  • Check ADSL info
  • Check & calculate ADSL SNR

⚡️ Installation

Open command line terminal (I prefer iTerm2) and run the following command.

sudo wget -qO ptcli && sudo chmod +x ./ptcli && sudo install ./ptcli /usr/local/bin/ptcli

This command will perform the following actions:

  • Use sudo permissions
  • Use wget to download PTCL-CLI and rename it to ptcli
  • Make the ptcli executable
  • Install ptcli inside /usr/local/bin/ folder.

🙌 Usage

️ Usage: ptcli [ -c |--config ], [ -h | help ] ️ - [ -h | help ] Use help

  • [ -c | --config ] Use config data, if so configure the three variables 'host_address', 'username', and 'password
  • [ -r | --reboot ] Quick reboot, dependant on '--config' param."

Here's a complimentary GIF.


🤔 Why was PTCL CLI Created?

I am a command line junkie and it is too much work for me to go sign in and reboot the router or get the line parameters when I need to. So, I built this CLI and now with a bunch of aliases I am able to perform these actions within a single command.

⚡️ Environment

I have built this CLI using Mac. It needs to be run on Bash or ZSH based shell.

Beta software! Use at your own risk.

ℹ️ Changelog

1.1.0 (2017-01-31)

  • UPDATE: Auto reboot routine now works
  • UPDATE: Better documentation

1.0.0 (2016-10-01)

  • First version
  • NEW: Reboot the router [ 1 | reboot ]
  • NEW: Router's system info [ 2 | sysinfo ]
  • NEW: Router's uptime [ 3 | uptime ]
  • NEW: ADSL info [ 4 | adsl_info ]
  • NEW: ADSL SNR check [ 5 | adsl_snr ]
  • NEW: Exit [ 6 | exit | q ]

ℹ️ License

MIT License. Copyrights . This script has no official affiliation with PTCL.

? GITHUB: ★ 7 ⑂ 3 →

? Looking forward to the feedback and contribution from your end. That’s how we can make it something more worthwhile. Let’s collaborate at GitHub.

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