WP OOP Settings API Boilerplate

WP-OOP-Settings-API is a Settings API wrapper built with Object Oriented Programming practices.

WordPress OOP Settings API

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Ever wanted to build custom settings inside your WordPress plugin or theme and didn't like the non-DRY approach for creating custom settings via WordPress API? Well, that's why and when I wrote this OOP Wrapper for WordPress Settings API. 🎊




  • [x] Basic Settings Page
  • [x] Tabs on Settings Page with JS
  • [x] Tabs on Settings Page with JS
  • [x] Documentation for code workflow
  • [x] Create Field: text
  • [x] Create Field: textarea
  • [x] Create Field: url
  • [x] Create Field: number
  • [x] Create Field: checkbox
  • [x] Create Field: multicheck
  • [x] Create Field: radio
  • [x] Create Field: select
  • [x] Create Field: html
  • [x] Create Field: wysiwyg
  • [x] Create Field: file
  • [x] Create Field: image
  • [x] Create Field: password
  • [x] Create Field: color
  • [ ] Tutorials
  • [ ] Blog post
  • [ ] Documentation
  • [ ] Re-factor the code with WP Standards
  • [ ] Re-factor the code into classes



Release under GNU GPL v2.0



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